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If you know a 6 - 12th grader that could benefit from our programs or just want more info for yourself or your organization, let us know!

Study Group


Support Group is a time when teens give voice to the struggles they’re facing and talk about what’s really going on in their lives. We start by hanging out, follow that with group time and a small lesson, then break into smaller support groups.


During these smaller support groups, teens check in with their group by saying their name, rating how their week is going, and naming at least three emotions they’ve felt over the past week. If they want to dive deeper into what caused those emotions, they’re given time to share with the group. This creates a space where teens feel safe sharing what’s going on in their lives and receive support from peers and adult leaders.



Connect is an opportunity to dig into the Bible and learn more about our God-given purpose. This program is designed to help teens develop the spiritual and personal life skills needed to grow into healthy young adults. Even though we’re talking about some deep subjects, Connect is also a time for teens to unwind and have fun.

 Connect programs include:

• Transportation if needed
• Snacks

• Group Lesson
• Group Games



When a teen joins TreeHouse, they have the opportunity to get connected with an adult leader who establishes a mentoring relationship with them. For many teens, this is their favorite TreeHouse program, since they get dedicated one-on-one time with a safe, caring adult. Mentors serve as a consistent presence and a voice of love in a teen’s life.

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